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Under this Stamp (Art.#6C-WT), the Website is allowed to stay open and keep the word "Official" in its title if it complies with the Requirement to post at least Four (4) "Official Links" to other Sources/Blogs/Websites sanctioned by the publisher and kept updated and maintained under the operating standards of the WQCB. (These links, in and of themselves, are not necessarily "Official").

Welcome to the Official Website of The M.O.S.T.


Mostlandian Food Cart Opens!

Rudy, The T of The MOST now runs a food cart serving authentic Mostlandian cuisine in Portland, Oregon on the grassy knoll next to 4734 N. Albina Avenue. (near the Albina Coffee Press) Winter hours are: NOON- DARK Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays.

2007 Mostlandian Championships August 4th and 5th

The 2007 Mostlandian Championships quickly approach! Already, last year's champions are devising schemes to keep their titles. Will Citizen Arturo Diaz again reign supreme in Xeroxing? Will Chelsea Cain return to claim her title in Navigation after losing last year to Mike Merrill? Only time will tell!

Thanks to Gallery Homeland for sponsoring us this year as part of their programming for Scratching the Surface.

The Mostlandian Embassy sucessfully travelled to Australia.
The Mostlandian Embassy relocated via portal in Melbourne, Australiandia, in October of 2006. Details regarding the Embassy can be found at the link above.
Click here to learn about the Embassy's United States of Americans visit in 2005.

2006 Mostlandian Championship full of surprises!
The 2006 Mostlandian Championships are finished, but it will still be talked about for years to come. The reigning champions in Bow Hunting, the M.O.S.T., were handily defeated by newcomers Wolverine Potato Salad. This year also marked the first time that Temporary Tourists were allowed to compete, resulting in a First Place going to a non-Mostlandic.

The M.O.S.T.: Cultural Export or Cultural Oddity?
Mostlandics are familiar with the homegrown arts group, but will the rest of the world "get" them? Although they have been name-referenced in ArtForum, and an Oregon writer suggested that they should be in that state's recent Biennial, there is no evidence that they can fill stadiums elsewhere like they have occasionally done in Topophilia and the Monochrome City.
Click here to visit the website of the M.O.S.T.